Why You Should Forget About Improving Your well maintained websites may have an unmaintained page that has not been updated.

This is true. The sites that have the least maintenance have the worst performance and the worst results.

The site that’s most important to us is our home page.

As mentioned earlier, the majority of our thoughts and actions are on autopilot. This is the default. Your daily habits, routines, impulses, and reactions carry you through your life.

This is one of those situations where we think we’re the only ones who aren’t on autopilot. If a website has not been touched in a long time, it probably has not been updated. And if it has been updated, then it may not be maintained.

Some sites have a strong maintenance track record, so they may have a good reason to not have been updated in the past. But these sites are so busy and important that they can’t afford to wait for Google to update their pages. And a quick search on Google brings up pages that have been updated, but have not been maintained.

This happens to some extent with blogs. Blogging sites are so busy and important that they cant afford to wait for Google to update their blog. So they just stay up for weeks or months and never update.

This is the same problem that happens with forums, with email lists, and also with Facebook. The same goes for a lot of websites. When you have the time to update a page that has been up for a month or more, you may very well not update for a while. If you have not updated yet, then you are not on the path to self-awareness.

Well maintained websites are the ones that seem to be getting a lot of attention and search results. And they’re still not updated.

Self-awareness is not getting any faster on the internet, but you can see it happening in the pages you visit regularly. That is to say, you can see your own self-awareness making itself known in small but significant ways.

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